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Patriots Roundtable

Feb 26, 2020

Nick Quaglia, Marv Ezhan and Mike Molyneaux get into another week of the offseason version of the CLNS Media Patriots Roundtable and believe me, we'll never stop coming up with topics. 

OBJ’s controversial but one of the best receivers in the NFL today.

Would it be a dumb move or a smart move by the Patriots if...

Feb 21, 2020

The Patriots have plenty to work on this offseason. They fell on their faces at the end and showed that they have a load of weaknesses. Who do you want them to target, sign or trade for this offseason? 

And Tom Brady. Still on the market for the first time in his career. Are there any real reasons for the Patriots to...

Feb 11, 2020

Nick Quaglia, Marv Ezhan and Mike Molyneaux jump into another set of the CLNS Media Patriots Roundtable. 

Reports dropped this week that Robert Kraft has his mind set on just letting his quarterback, Tom Brady, walk right into free-agency and test the market. Is this the right move by Kraft? What if Tom finds somewhere...

Feb 4, 2020

Nick Quaglia, Mike Molyneaux, and Marv Ezhan hit the Patriots Roundtable this week with topics surrounding Tom Brady and free agency. 

We're not going to escape a week without talking about Tom Brady until a decision's made. Is he coming back? Is he going somewhere else? Regardless, we have reports this week saying that...