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Patriots Post Game Show

Dec 3, 2019

Nick Quaglia, Marv Ezhan and Mike Molyneaux are in for another week of the CLNS Media Patriots Roundtable as Tom Brady and the Pats come off of another loss. 

First things first. This offense has been BRUTAL to watch at different points throughout the season. And while there are plenty of things that absolutely need to be fixed, what do we think is the biggest issue with the Pats offensively? 

With the team struggling to score and a couple of teams in the AFC proving that they can put up points at will, is it critical for New England to lock up that 1-seed if they want to make their way to the Super Bowl? 

And finally, the topic we were expecting after another poor outing from Tom Brady. Is this the long-awaited fall of the GOAT? Or does he still have the juice left to be elite?

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